With regard to the most frequently asked questions about men's style, one of the most commonly asked question is "how to match belt styles with shoes?". To be fair, this is a question that no one knows the definite answer to. Belts for men are too often an overlooked part of the wardrobe. But when the best leather belts for men are paired well with an outfit, this can help create excellent formal styles. On the other hand, poorly matched formal belts for men can give a sloppy and fuzzy look to the finest of clothes.

 Without proper knowledge on how to pair belts with the right men's formal shoes or formal sandals for men, it will be almost impossible to achieve the perfect formal look! Thankfully, you will not need to spend hours trying to infuse this essential knowledge into your head. Once you understand the logic, it is quite simple to match the belts and formal shoes for men, so that anyone becomes an expert. With this in mind, here is the simplest trick to remember when you want to achieve the complete formal look - Always match the colour of your shoe and belt. Listed below are some of the suggestions for your complete formal look from our store.

Men's Brown Max Formal Shoes

 These premium, formal men's shoes from the Paragon Max collection are just the thing every man needs to nail formal styles with ease! The sleek slip-on offers superior comfort and looks trendy with their chunky block heels. Get this pair of snazzy formal shoes, today!

 Men's Brown Max Formal Belt

 Pair your brown Paragon Max shoes, to absolute perfection, with this Paragons Max casual brown belt that has been impeccably crafted from the finest, buff harness leather and fitted with a classy, gold-tone buckle for super secure fastening. Grab yours, now!

 Men's Black Max Formal Shoes

 These Derby shoes for men, from Paragon's Max range, are just the thing every man needs to ace formal styles! These incredibly stylish slip-on shoes with intricate lace detailing are made from premium leather and have 1.4-inch heels. Buy this incredibly trendy pair of formal shoes, this very instant!

 Men's Black Max Formal Belt

 This black Paragon Max formal men's belt comes designed with a stylish brass buckle as well as a richly textured leather strap. Pair this belt effortlessly with the black, Paragon Max shoes from above, and be sure to nail formal styles, anywhere, anytime! Purchase your belt, today!