Did you know that the concept of flip flops goes back as far as 4000 BC? This slip-on style of footwear was first invented by ancient Egyptians and was made of papyrus leaves and raw leather in those days. But that is all history. What remains of this age-old footwear is its style and utility. While in contemporary fashion, women’s flip flops saw more evolution with designs and colours, flip flops for men took a while to reach the next level of style evolution. And as of today, these are the hottest trends in footwear fashion.


We bring you the best from our exclusive collection of stylish flip flops for men-

Rugged and bold, this pair of men’s slippers in dark tan is not your regular flip flop. Though designed in the same style, the ridged sole and thick finish makes this footwear sturdy for rain, sun, or storm.

Easy on your feet, easy on fashion, this no-frills flip flop in calming blue and green is just what you need to hit the beaches this summer. Or even to pair with your favourite jeans for a cosy lounging affair. 

This slipper takes the traditional flip flop to the next level. The leather-like material and finish make it elegant enough to wear with ethnic outfits or semi-casual attires like jeans and a kurta. 

Sleek and classy, this simple grey flip flop with an orange accent is just what you need to add a new element to your regular casual clothing. The double strap makes it more durable and provides better grip on your feet. So come rain or sun, your feet are protected and so is your fashion quotient. 

What is a pair of footwear if it is not functional enough? This pair of classic rubber flip flops in grey and orange is proof. The thick sole makes it durable while the colours add to the style. The stimulating insoles with raised bed create acupressure like surface so your feet are never tired or hurt from all the walking.

Colourful, versatile, functional, and always high on style, flips flops are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. They complete the ultimate casual look, while keeping your feet relaxed and easy, especially in the tropical weather.