If you thought the obsession for shoes is only a woman’s prerogative, then here’s something worth noting. From time immemorial men have been equally fascinated by stylish and exclusive footwear. It adds an extra element to their fashion statement and enhances their personality. And that constant need has given rise to newer trends in men’s shoes. Recently, among many designs and materials, if there is one style that has been on a constant rise are the perforated leather shoes for men.

Leather shoes are classic and never go out of fashion. They are elegant, sophisticated, and add weight to your entire look, especially with the formal leather shoes for men that are in vogue today. Although the perforated design concept is not new, modern footwear for men, see this timeless idea back in trend and taking the footwear market by storm.

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Tan brogues 

There is something about the brown tints of leather. They add character to your overall fashion. These classy brogues are just about right to take your business attire to the next level of sophistication. The tinted tan colour makes it universal and wearable with most outfits. The fine perforations on the toe top and heel cup bring back the tradition of original brogues.

Black Oxfords

A name that resonates class and sophistication at the very mention of it, goes a notch above when it is in leather. These pitch black Oxford shoes come with fine perforations around the quarter (ankle cover) and the vamp (top of the toe). Pair it with business suits or party formals, and add a touch of English aristocracy to your attire. 

A blend of both

Looking for the classic Oxford with a touch of brogue work? Then this pair of black formal shoes is just what you need. The fine perforations on the toe-top make it appear a little brogue-ish while the rest of the shoe is simple and elegant like an Oxford, so you have the ultimate outfit ready for a red-carpet. 

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