Our feet work hard all day supporting the entire weight of our body. They act as shock absorbers and if you lead a relatively active lifestyle, you might be no stranger to foot problems. Even if your shoes feel comfortable, they may not necessarily offer adequate support.

Shoe insoles or inserts are the cushy inside part of the shoes that support your feet. Quite often the importance of a good quality orthotic insole is overlooked. This is because most outdoor shoes promise to lend support, cushioning and comfort. However, if you suffer from foot problems in your daily life, read on to know why show insoles are important.

         1.      Provides increased comfort

Shoe insoles are designed specifically to minimize the amount of shock absorbed by your feet. They offer the right support and cushioning to keep foot pain at bay for longer.

         2.      Helps to reduce back pain

Orthotic insoles offer customized support for your footwear which not only relieves pain on the soles of your feet but also helps with back pain. If you lead an active lifestyle and find yourself complaining about backaches, orthotic shoe insoles might be worth looking into.

         3.      Corrects foot disorders

Shoe insoles are used in the treatment of problems like corns, Achilles heel pain and toe pain amongst others. However, you will need a doctor’s opinion on choosing the right kind of orthopedic insole that will work best for your foot condition.

         4.      Prolongs the lifespan of your shoes

Since shoe inserts are built to reduce the impact felt on your feet, they take the pressure off your shoes as well. This ensures that your footwear maintain their shape and design for much longer.

         5.      Helps footwear fit better

If you have ever felt like one foot was bigger than the other, you are not alone. Different sized feet is a lot more common than one would imagine. Shoe insoles come to the rescue yet again and can be used to help both feet feel just right in your new shoes.


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