1.   Corns & Ingrown Nails

Corns occur as a result of the friction between the inner part of your shoe and your toes. Sometimes the smallest callus or corn can cause intense pain as it extends deep into the layers of the skin and puts pressure on the nerves. An ingrown nail occurs when the edge of a nail grows or is pressed against the edge of the skin, and it usually occurs at the edge of the big nail because of the pressure of the shoe.


Corns and ingrown nails can be avoided by ensuring that your shoes offer enough wiggle room for your toes and that they are not cramped.

 2. Calluses

Calluses are thick areas of the skin covering parts of the foot where excessive pressure or friction occurs. Calluses in the heel can become painful if they crack open.


Finding a pair of shoes that aren’t tight or too loose, but provide just enough breathing space for your feet, is key! Also, getting a pair of shoes in which the inside material is made from soft fabrics that will be delicate on your skin, is also a good way to prevent calluses.

 3. Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain is a common foot problem and has several possible causes. The most common cause is plantar fasciitis, an inflammation in which the plantar fascia attaches to the heel.


Making sure that you aren’t putting too much strain on your heels is key to preventing this condition. Find a pair of shoes with soles that provide good cushioning. Walkabout in them and gauge the balance that the shoes offer. A pair of shoes that spreads your weight evenly over the sole and heel, is worth purchasing.

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