Formal shoes are an indubitable part of a man’s professional life. Possessing a pair of formal shoes is more like a prized possession and is very impressing on formal occasions. A pair of formal shoe can make a man’s personality, incredibly adding to his classiness and style. But, finding the versatile pair of formal shoe that suits your personality, occasion and style is definitely a task. It is important to make the right investment which can accentuate your look.

Here’s a brief guide to help you with finding the right pair of formal shoes for men:

Types of Formal Shoes

        1.       Oxford shoes

A classic style of shoes that defines a class and sophistication, giving the wearer a true and perfect definition of class, elegance and dressing appeal. The sleeker the design, the more formal the shoes look. The most preferred colour being black and brown, these shoes are mainly sold in conservative shades. These shoes are ideal for men with narrow feet and low arches. Pair it with a suit or a formal wear to bring out a simple classy look. Oxford shoes have the following characteristics:

  • Low heels
  • Exposed ankles
  • The shoes get narrower towards the toe and end with a blunt pointed front
  • Small laces
  • Tabs of the shoe are stitched together below the vamp

       2.       Blucher shoes/ Derby shoes

Derby shoes are similar to Oxford shoes, just that it is a little more round and curvy, and the lace is sewn outside the shoes. If you are looking for something that would add flare to your look, this is the perfect shoe for you. Derby shoes are perfect for formal as well as semi-formal occasions. These shoes are ideal for broad and highly arched men. These pair of shoes comes in variations including Wingtip, Cap Toe, Plain Toe, Brogue and Non-Brogue Derby. No matter what outfit you wear, a shoe is sure to steal the show for you. Derby shoes have the following characteristics:

  • More detailed and textured shoes than Oxford shoes
  • Obtuse lacing arrangements
  • Laces are more upfront

     3.       Monk Strap Shoes

If you are looking for a unique, trendy and catchy formal shoe, a Monk Strap shoe would be the perfect pair. Monk Strap shoes are versatile slip-on formal shoes that are similar to Oxford shoes but come with a strap instead of a lace. Monk Strap shoes are perfect for formal, semi-formal, casual and semi-casual occasions. These shoes are ideal for broad and highly arched men. Monk Strap shoes have the following characteristics:

  • Slip-on shoes
  • Strap and buckle closure
  • Single or double buckle

Express yourself and your look with a fashionable pair of formal shoes from Paragon Max collection. Stand out of the crowd with this brief expert’s guide and earn some style points professionally.