Do you have an interview in your dream company in the coming week? Are you done with your research about the company from their website and on all the famous search engines? You’ve even prepared for all the technical questions that could be asked in accordance with your applied job title. But, are you confused and stressed on what to wear for the upcoming job interview? The phrase “First impression is the best impression”, suits well during an interview, as an interview is a scenario where you market yourself as a product.

A job applicant’s communication skills and grades are not always evaluated in an interview. An interviewer evaluates the applicant’s attitude, behaviour and the way he physically carries himself including his outfit, accessories, shoes and how well-groomed the applicant appears. What shoes you wear to the interview creates a perceived insight of the kind of professional you are and if you choose to fit the job title.

Here is a brief guide to help you with choosing the right formal shoes for your interview:

Shoes to Wear

Every employer expects their applicants to be well-groomed and in their best professional attire.  If you are clueless about what formal shoes are in style, then just shop for brogues. These shoes are timeless and classic. The shoes are smooth, low profile and below the ankle. Oxford brogues are characterised by a closed lace, double stitched and double soled. Oxford shoes bring out the gentleman look in every man who pairs these shoes with a perfectly tailored formal look. Always consider a lace-up or slip-on formal shoes that are in black, brown and cordovan. But, make sure your shoes and belt coordinate with the style and colour of your attire.

But, the appropriate shoes for an interview depend on the interviewing industry. If you are going to be interviewed in a retail, fast food or media company, wear semi formals. If you are unsure about the company, stick on to a well-polished formal shoe and formal attire.

Care and Preparation

It is not only important to wear the right formal shoes but it is equally important to wear well-maintained shoes. Grains, stains and debris on the shoes are observed to be totally professional. Get your shoes repaired by a cobbler if the toe-caps, tops, outsoles are noticeably worn out. Make sure to remove all dust, dirt and scuff marks, give your formal shoe mild cleaning and repair if required. If your shoe has any holes, scratches, use a shoe repair kit to fix all these minor issues and brush the shoes until it shines. Coarse up the soles with sandpaper or attach shoe traction pads, if the outsoles feel slippery.

Other General Guidelines          

Avoid wearing new shoes, fancy catchy shoes and a casual footwear. New shoes can be uncomfortable to wear and to walk, making you walk awkwardly. Next, choose your socks carefully, stick to the basics and make sure that your socks and pant colour complement each other. Also, mismatched, dirty, damaged or faded socks give a very unprofessional impression to the interviewer.

To conclude, choosing the right formal shoe is important in accentuating your professional look with a touch of confidence.

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