Call it a wallet or a billfold, this small folded piece of leather (or other materials) does a lot more than just hold your cash and cards. It speaks volumes about the kind of person you are and how you maintain your style quotient. Whether you are an organized, messy, or well-prepared man, can be easily determined from the kind of wallet you carry and the way you keep it.

When you buy wallets, there are a few important things to consider. Here is a handy guide to buy wallets for men and what you should keep in mind-

First and foremost, the quality of the wallet should drive your decision. Since you will be carrying it around with your all day, every day, it is essential to pay attention to its quality more than the looks. This can be challenging when buying wallets online. So check for the materials, which brings us to the next point.

Wallet Materials

Wallets for men come in all possible shapes, sizes, and materials. Leather is commonly used and make for a long-lasting material. If you are buying leather wallets online, read the product and material description and care instructions.


Choose wallet designs without zippers, to avoid fraying of bills and papers. For loose changes, carry them in your pockets separately, or use the coin pouch in the wallet but only for a few coins. 

Always opt for a simple, solid design without too much pattern or branded logo. Your wallet defines your sense of style, so choose wisely. 


For daily use to work and other formal places, it is best to go for a standard black or brown. Both are classic and safe colours that can pair well with your other accessories. 


Check the wallet stitches and overall construction and see if there are hot iron creases in the folds. This proves the durability of the leather.

Albeit wallet is a very personal thing. And that is why it is also an extension of your personality. A good quality wallet can go a long way in keeping your money safe as well as your style statement.