Who wouldn’t agree with the phrase, shoes speak louder than words? The first thing that gets noticed is our footwear. A shoe has the power to transform a person’s attitude and body language; it has the power to boost your morale physically and emotionally. The best way to add a style quotient is by investing on formal shoes. Men’s formal shoes can suit any occasion and event; you could head out to a meeting, wedding and even to a party on the same day with a formal shoe. Choosing the right shoe for the apt event can create a style-statement and enhance your comfort quotient.

Paragon Max collection of formal shoes for men, stands out for its impeccably exquisite appearance and sophisticated construction. Paragon Max collection of formal shoes displays remarkable workmanship of exceptional design, comfort and durability. This classy premium collection accentuates your professional look with its exuberant panache.

Here are few reasons why this simple yet conspicuous footwear should be a part of your wardrobe: 

1. Supreme durability – Paragon Max is a new brand launched by Paragon Footwear, a renowned company, well known for its durable and long-lasting footwear. Well, the brand says everything about the quality of its products. Made from high quality material and its unique sewing technique ensure to add durability and matchless endurance of the product.

2. Striking sole – Soles of Paragon Max collection are made from the superior quality of PU leathers. The soles are light, abrasion and water resistant. PU soles are resistant to tearing, oil spills, oxidation and bending performance as well. The sole is an ultimate shortcut for a suave style!

3. Minimal maintenance – Paragon Max collection of formal shoes is excellently environment friendly and the best part of this collection is that there is no special treatment required. Unlike other shoes that require continuous and expensive maintenance, Paragon Max doesn’t require any special care to keep the shoes long lasting.

4. Ultimate firmness - Paragon Max collection provides complete robustness. Paragon’s exclusive idiosyncratic stitching ensures untarnished bindings to the insole, outsole and the entire shoe. This collection provides maximum comfort and support as the shoes come with a comfortable foot bed, providing physical ease and relaxation.

5. Exceptional finesse design – Paragon Max provides a unique and peculiar design that is classically styled and expertly crafted. If you are looking for formal shoes that suit perfectly for any occasion, as well as, which is stylish and comfortable, this collection perfectly fits your needs. This collection adds a touch of eccentricity through its design. And, its distinctive texture and timeless design adds a powerful dose of attitude to your look.

To add a classy exuberance to your personality, include a Paragon Max shoe to your outfit. Look confident, sturdy and fashionable in every step you take professionally and personally. Elevate and embrace your look with Paragon Max collection.