Brrrrrrr! It’s that time of the year when all the thick coats, leather jackets and shawls make their way onto our everyday wardrobe. Winter is around the corner and while you may be enjoying your hot cocoas and soups, you are probably forgetting something which might bite you in the back if not taken care of.

Winter is the time when your feet suffer the most, too. The harsh conditions and the biting cold only make it worse. Cracked heels and dry feet are common problems during winter. But, not this time! We are here with some foot care tips to tell you how you can keep your feet happy and healthy this winter. Now, you’ll be all set for the spring action that’s coming up!

1) Sock It Up!

Some might hate wearing socks, but it is necessary to wear them to keep warm in winters. They add an extra layer of protection to our feet and keep them safe from any cuts, blisters, and the cold. But, you have to make sure that you only wear socks that are made from natural materials like cotton and wool, as synthetic socks can do more harm than good.

2) Wear Quality Shoes

Shoes made of good quality can help you prevent any harm from happening to your feet. Buy shoes which will cover your feet properly and which block any moisture from coming in contact with your feet.

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3) Use Foot Masks

This is the time when your feet need the most pampering. Go for regular foot masks or make one yourself at home. Mix a little olive oil and sea salt and make your own foot mask. Apart from this, almond oil is also used to keep skin soft in winters.

These foot masks replenish the skin on your feet and will keep them happy!

4) Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!  

That’s the best solution for everything. Moisturize your feet at night with a good oil-based foot cream or lotion you’ll get soft and supple feet in just a few days!