Stretch, Step Up, and Get in Shape in Style

Celebrate health, hustle for that muscle and turn fat into fit as you work towards your fitness goals and build your core strength for a better tomorrow with Paragon Stimulus. A range of footwear crafted with special emphasis on form, functionality and performance, each pair of this series is designed to withstand the demands of your workouts - be it a brisk walk or a high-energy exercise routine that pushes your limits.

Browse the range of sports shoes for men and pick a pair that is not only geared for your exercise regimen but also suits your sense of style. Choose this neon green and black pair to stand out as you stay committed to your goals and want to let your dedication shine. Simply lace up to dive straight into the action as the mesh outer and the cushioned insole give you the boost you need for that extra lift or stretch.

The extensive range of men’s sports shoes online also includes slip-on options for those who prefer a snug fit without the hassle of tying laces. A sleek and smooth blend of comfort and utility, this navy blue and silver pair ticks all the boxes in the style department and can be easily worn or taken off at a moment’s notice to save precious time.

Multiple colour combinations and a few minimalist designs ensure that there’s something for all, especially the racks of those who enjoy the stylish ease of athleisure wear. Team these mostly white men’s sports shoes with your gym kit when you are focused on training and also wear them with your casual attire for a look that is sure to impress. Or opt for the sporty sophistication of these men’s blue shoes when you are thinking denim on the wardrobe front and planning a day that will keep you on your feet.

Those who answer their call to exercise on the track can choose from our lineup of running shoes for men. Finished with generous cushioning for a solid foundation, well-designed soles for good traction and breathable materials, every pair will go the distance and beyond. Also on offer in our collection of sports shoes online are creations for both men and women so you can put your best foot forward always - together.